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Chamber Talent helps busy businesses recruit and manage apprentices easily.
We provide an alternative approach to employing apprentices that makes it simple and affordable for businesses to get involved.

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This is a government-approved service provided by Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Supplytrain CIC. Contact us and we’ll help you to understand if this initative is right for your business.

What is Chamber Talent?

A managed apprenticeship service

Lots of businesses want to employ apprentices but struggle to find the right candidates or don’t have the time or expertise to navigate the apprenticeship system.

Chamber Talent is a managed apprenticeship service, that provides an alternative approach to employing apprentices. Overseen by Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Talent acts as your outsourced apprenticeship management arm.

We help you to recruit and onboard new apprentices, find and manage training providers and government paperwork, and provide support to each apprentice on programme to help them progress on-the-job and on their course.

If you want to save time and money, whilst giving your apprentices amazing support, submit your interest to talk to our team!


You offer work to someone for at least the apprenticeship minimum wage and make a commitment to providing at least six months’ worth of junior-level work.


We find you great candidates, identify and manage training providers, oversee government paperwork and provide pastoral support to apprentices.



At the end of your commitment, you can extend, take someone on permanently or we find them a new placement with another organisation in your industry.

Visit about our service for a more detailed overview of how the Chamber Talent service works for business or visit the candidate page to understand the benefits for apprentices.

Which types of business get involved? 

Help your business, help someone access your industry 

SMEs, large businesses, charities, sole traders, schools and every type of organisation in between can use the Chamber Talent service to help their organisation recruit and manage apprentices easily and affordably.

You can also use the service to collaborate across industry to increase the talent pipeline where it’s needed most, helping the next generation more easily access skilled jobs in your sector.

Our service works for organisations that:

      • Struggle to recruit apprentices
      • Have never taken on apprentices before
      • Cannot find an apprenticeship provider to deliver training
      • Cannot commit to the full length of an apprenticeship
      • Do not have a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme
      • Have a temporary cap on staff numbers 
      • Want a team of experts to manage apprenticeships for you

Submit your interest to talk through your options as an employer, collaborator or organisation interested in transfering levy.

A partnership you can trust

A partnership for business, by business

The Chamber Talent service is a collaboration between Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, Supplytrain CIC and the British Chambers of Commerce.

The Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is one of only 10 organisations in the country to be awarded Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency funding by the Department for Education. This means the Chamber can legally employ apprentices on behalf of host employers across England.

Supplytrain CIC is a not-for-profit organisation that provides services that help young people get a fairer start in work. Supplytrain recruits candidates that need a chance to access a great career, before delivering mentoring support to each apprentice during their placement.

The British Chambers of Commerce recognises the importance of supporting businesses to develop their talent pipeline and promotes and champions the Chamber talent service to its members and the wider business community.

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Chamber talent is a service run by the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Supplytrain CIC.

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